Questions and Answers

1: Where do I get help?
 1) Ask the Mentor or 2) Check SLACK channel from the main page
2: Do I have to have any pre-requisites?
No – you can be an absolute beginner!
3: How do I select the language to learn?
Guidance will be provided in the beginning of the class. You have also few links on the Home page.
4: How long will the learning process take?
It is between 6-10 weeks and will depend on student’s pace. However, some students managed to complete all the process within 2 full days.
It is all about one's motivation.
5: What can I expect to learn?
A minimum learning will be the basic programming skills in the chosen language. Some more advanced students will acquire more advanced programming skills.
6: Do I have to work with other students on a project?
Ideally yes – but you can also work on your own.
7: I'm stuck - where should I look at?
If you are stuck - take a break - sleep well over night and try again.
If that did not help, try with (biggest database of Q&A). You can also try to sneak someone's else code.
Still no luck? Ask the Mentor.
8: is programming difficult?
Yes it is but if you know exactly what you want to learn - it will not be. So first, try to set yourself an objective what you want to learn and which direction you want to take - this is key to success.
9: Is code commenting important?   

it is critical. Not only your show that you understand what you did but also it shows that if you took someone's else code that you were able to integrate it smartly within your code.