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We offer an unique concept in learning to code following Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace concept through our novel XCamp approach. We offer meaningful engagement, motivation, flexibility, availability, presence, collaboration, and sense of community through an innovative online gamified learning platform!

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Coding language

Select one of more out of 10 programming languages that we offer. At any time, you can easily switch to another language and learn more than one language !


You will be followed by a personal mentor who will be your guide, coach and trainer! Our unique and flexible approach will enable you to learn fast. At the end, you will build a complete project in your language of choice.


You will get certified by the once you complete all tasks and the final project.


Great features you'll love.

We offer several features that will help you learn


Our mentor will review each line of your code! This is the best way to improve your coding skills.

Objective based learning

We will set your personal learning objectives from the beginning. You will have to complete basic, advanced and debugging objectives.

Skills approach

You will acquire 10 skills that will demonstrate your ability to be proficient in coding. Acquiring skills is essential in learning to code.


We will motivate you to learn by competing with other participants! You will earn points for every task completed and be able to track your progress.

Unique and novel approach

With our approach we create Meaningful Engagement and Motivation by offering Flexibility, Availability, Presence, Collaboration, and sense of Community . We provide unique and engaging approach to boost your motivation. You will get instant feedback from the community and your mentor!


Earn points, get badges, shop, track progress, get recognized...are some of the gamification elements that will help you to succeed!

Our pricing

Our XCamp approach has a simple pricing that pays off as we will make sure that you learn coding at the end!



  • Learn one or more out of 10 Coding languages
  • Followed by 1 Personal mentor
  • Get Certified by the University of St. Gallen
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
  • Social engagement
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Hear What Are Coders Say.

  • Author image
    Student Bachelor level.

    Not only is it great fun to solve the tasks, but the whole website and structure is thought through so well. The result is a great project all around. The website offers the perfect platform for exactly this. The setting of choosing your own speed is also great...

  • Author image
    ETH student Bachelor level.

    Thanks for the great learning experiencce and for managing the whole course! Getting menthorship was a great value added. It was a lot of fun for my group colleague and me to work together.

  • Author image
    EPFL student Master level.

    After learning python, I switched to learning javascript - what a great option. I was pretty impressed by mentor's speed to provide feedback.

  • Author image
    Exchange student Master level.

    Completing an exchange semester in Portugal, I really appreciated the fact to be able to start at any time, at my own pace. I learnt coding in just few weeks time...and I was really proud I was able to complete my first programming project ever!


Have a question?

Here are the frequently asked questions - contact us if you have any other question.

What is the role of the Mentor?

Mentor will be driving, setting goals, coaching, assessing goal-achievement, advising and providing feedback on how to proceed to the next level.

What is unique in your approach to learn coding?

We offer meaningful engagement, motivation, flexibility, availability, presence, collaboration, and sense of community through an innovative online gamified learning platform.

How do I learn?

With our novel platform that includes gamification elements, you will do everything online including compiling and running your code.

Will I get certified?

Upon successful completion you will get certificate of completion by Institute of Information Management, University of St. Gallen.

Do I have to have any pre-requisites?

No – you can be an absolute beginner

How do I select the language to learn?

Guidance will be provided in the beginning of the class

How long will the learning process take?

It is between 6-10 weeks and will depend on your own pace

What can I expect to learn?

The minimum knowledge acquired will be the basic programming skills in the chosen language

Code in an inspiring and different way !

Contact us for any question you may have.